Friday, May 29, 2009

Participation in Government Assignment


Case: Clawson V. Balitmore County School District. Bob Clawson applies to have his white son, Peter, admitted to an all black male public charter school in Baltimore. The school is having good success rates at raising text scores in this economically disadvantaged neighborhood , and this economically disadvantage white parent wants the chance to see if his son benefits from the same program. The school does not admit Peter, and the father sues the Baltimore county school District, claiming discrimination and a violation of his rights.

Who do I rule with: Clawson

I believe this is unfair, by allowing public schools to be open to only one race is promoting segregation and we as America should be promoting diversity.
But back to this specific case we are also depriving children of the best education they can possibly recieved. In the consituition we are granted the right not to be discriminated base on race, religion, gender, etc, etc, but in this case what are we doing?

Friday, May 8, 2009


On Wednesday, May 6,2009 my school gave me the opportunity to see the play Ruined by Lynn Nottage. ( ) In this play we are able to see women during war time, and the effects of rape in African towns. Women are devalued and unneeded when raped. In many cases women are "ruined" meaning they are given women circumcision in a brutal way by shoving knives up their private parts and leaving them scarred forever. I was deeply moved by this play. So moved in fact that I decided to side track a little from my blog to write about it.
Although two different extremes, in both cases the victims are ruined. These raped women and this these unsupported kids. Both left to dry either to join brothels or getting hook on drugs.
In other words there are more things we need to do in order to change this world.